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Tips for Halloween: decoration, makeup and healthy recipes


We all know that Halloween is very influenced by the United States, but its celebration in our lands predates its existence in the American country. Thanks to our Celtic past, we maintain traditions related to spirits such as meigas (Habelas, hainas) and the Santa Compaña in Galicia.

In the Asturias of the 18th century, the little ones went out with lamps to ask for food for the houses, and many localities of the current community of Madrid were illuminated only with the decorated pumpkins and the bonfires, the people dressed in black and touched the bell until dawn. So do not underestimate this celebration, let’s enjoy it with the best tips for Halloween!

Tips for Halloween: makeup and facial paints

It does not matter how old you are. If you are going to organize or participate in a Halloween party, the ideal is to go with a costume according to the occasion. Sometimes we invest hours looking for the ideal suit and we forget a fundamental detail: makeup. Halloween facial paintings do wonders: they help both to complete your costume as they can themselves be the costume itself.

Tips for Halloween: you can try to make makeup at home but, if you want to get the best results, this type of work requires a specialist or makeup or facial paints. If you are organizing a party with children, they will love having one or a face painting!

Skeletons or skulls: If you opt for this alternative, it may be enough to have a disguise. You can dress completely in black and solved business! Comfort and 100% comfort!

Día de los Muertos : Despite being a typically Mexican tradition, the Day of the Dead masks are increasingly in vogue on Halloween (especially after the success of the animated film Coco ). According to Mexican tradition, on November 1 and 2, the dead have divine permission to visit relatives and friends. If you resort to this type of mask to disguise yourself, you guarantee a spectacular result.  

Zombie:  Do you have a reference character from a zombie series, movie or comic? You can adapt any character looking like a zombie. From an animal to Harry Potter, any character can be transformed into an individual that comes from the world of the dead … There is an immense range of possibilities!


The night deserves a decor to rigor. You can adapt the tips for Halloween that we offer to decorate your home or business premises.

Pumpkins:  If you are going to make a Halloween party, you can not miss an illuminated pumpkin. This is one of the most traditional images and it is very easy to do. You can even take advantage and make the decoration with your family and friends, having a good time together. Simply get a round pumpkin, draw a face and cut out this part with a knife. The handling of the knife must always be done by an adult! Then, cut the top part and remove the pulp from the pumpkin trying to leave about 1 cm in the structure of the pumpkin (save the filling, which then we will use). Finally, place a candle or flashlight inside the hole you have left. The result is fantastic and terrifying!

Spider webs :  You can buy artificial cobwebs and put them in the objects of decoration or lamps in your living room, hallway, rooms … The effect will be fantastic and will give a completely different atmosphere to the house.

Colors:  Sometimes colors are everything. If you are going to organize a dinner in your house, get some decorative objects that are black or orange. They can even be cloth napkins, jars for drinks or other objects that you can take advantage of in the future. The little details can completely change a stay!

Tips for Halloween: If you are organizing a party or if you have a commercial space that you want to decorate, nothing better than hiring professional decoration specialists . Theme parties require many ideas, be original and have good taste in regard to decoration. Imagine how good all the pictures you take are going to be. A commercial store can also be decorated specifically for this date. It will attract the attention of customers who will be amazed by the decoration!

Healthy and fun recipes for adults and children

When talking about food for parties or special occasions we usually associate the celebration with sweets and cakes. Consuming sweets from time to time is not incompatible with having a healthy diet, both for the little ones and for the adults. Our advice for Halloween is that you turn to healthy, easy and tasty ideas that can be carried out, both for a family themed dinner and for a party with friends.

Spider eggs: It  can be the perfect spike, especially for the youngest ones. Best of all, it’s very easy to do! You only need boiled eggs, olives (no bones) and a little mayonnaise. The result is chilling!

Pumpkin puree:  In our day to day it is important to fight waste and have sustainable solutions. Do you remember the pumpkin filling you used for the decoration? Let’s take advantage of the inside of the pumpkin to cook it. The best option is a pumpkin soup! If you want to give a special touch that relates to Halloween, just use a little cream to make a spider’s web effect in the soup dish. Let your imagination fly!

Tangerines turned into pumpkins and ghost bananas:  Simpler and healthier is impossible! You only need tangerines and a green or brown stalk (you can take a vegetable you have at home to create the stem). For ghosts, you need bananas and chocolate chips. Everyone will love the fruit and it is a very original option to eat at home or even for the kids to take to school. Enjoy and have fun eating healthy!

All the tips for Halloween that we have given you are very easy to carry out in your own home. If you do not have time to cook or you want the full menu to be related to the theme of the party, it is best to have specialists from the catering sector who can help you!

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