Halloween: precautions when buying costumes for children


The Halloween party is approaching and many are ‘squeezing’ their brains to get the most terrifying disguise, whether home or purchased. For those who choose to buy their Halloween costumes, especially for children, the Confederation of Consumers and Users (CECU) has warned of irregularities detected and offers advice to buy a scary but not dangerous for the little ones.

Among the main problems of Halloween children’s costumes include: the absence of labeling or labeling incomplete or incorrect, the presence of easily accessible pricking parts, presence of laces in the neck area of ​​length greater than that allowed in costumes for children, easy Access to the battery compartment button.

To avoid these problems when buying Halloween costumes for children, CECU offers a series of recommendations :

– Costumes: those intended for children under 14 are considered toys, so the labeling must include name and brand of the product, data of identification of the manufacturer, importer or distributor, instructions and warnings of use and CE marking. Costumes for adults must include full labeling and in Spanish according to the norm of textile garments.

– Masks and wigs: in addition to checking that they contain the complete labeling and in Spanish, it is important to verify that the masks have breathing holes that are the right size. Items that are flammable should bear a symbol that warns you.

– Makeup and contact lenses : in the case of make-up it is important to check that the ingredients or components and the instructions for use appear on the label, to avoid possible allergies. As for contact lenses, it is recommended that they be decorative and purchased under the supervision of a qualified professional and verify that they include a complete labeling with instructions for use.

– Accessories: extreme caution should be taken when buying accessories for children. These should not contain sharp parts or small pieces that can be easily detached and swallowed.

According to CECU, It is important to go to establishments of trust, compare prices and keep the ticket to be able to take any claim.…

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Tips to find the perfect children’s costume for Halloween


The famous night of witches , the one that takes place on October 31, is, as it says, just around the corner. And that may be making you think about how you are going to dress your children to attend appropriate to the party they have organized in their daycare, school or institute. And to this we want to help you. Hence, then, we will give you several simple and useful tips to find the perfect child costume for Halloween 2017.

How much to spend on the disguise?
children’s costume for Halloween

To begin, you should know that something really important and essential when it comes to finding the perfect Halloween costume is to be clear about how much you can spend . And is that, based on the budget with which you count, you can opt to buy it directly in a store or to do it at home.

Either of the two options can give good results. So do not worry or stress if you do not have too much money to spend. Think that there are homemade costumes much more original , fun and surprising than some that can already be acquired in any specialized business.

Consider the time and your skill
In the event that you have to resort to the home option , keep in mind that in order to choose the one you are going to prepare, you must start from two aspects:

First, what are your skills and abilities in terms of crafts . That is, if you handle yourself well with this type of work or if you consider yourself to be a real disaster.
Second, how much time do you have before Halloween to make that costume for your son?
Starting from these two questions you should choose to create a simpler outfit or a more complex and original one.

Inspiration sources
children’s costume for Halloween

It is clear that there are classic costumes that can always be useful for this night of witches. We are referring to vampires, witches, ghosts, mummies … However, if you want to be a little more original and get out of those proposals, you must find your source of inspiration. In that case, you can find your muse in elements such as these:

Among the literary characters that can inspire you to shape the Halloween costume include some like Frankenstein, Carrie, the girl from “The Exorcist”, Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde …
Individual or group costume
children’s costume for Halloween

In the same way, another aspect that you should keep in mind is if you have a child or several and even if your little one can go in disguise with his friends or companions. If it is possible for the costume to go together you can choose to bet on terrifying groups like “The Adams family”, the protagonists of the movie “The return of the witches”, the characters of “Hotel Transilvania” …

Other tips to keep in mind
In addition to all the above, do not forget to take into consideration other useful tips to find the Halloween costume for Halloween that you are looking for:

The preferences and tastes of your child . Listen to him and keep his desires in mind. So, for example, if you like superheroes , you can choose to disguise one of your favorites as Superman, Spiderman, Thor …
The age of your child . Based on this you can also choose an outfit or another, since some may be associated with greater makeup or complexity.
Let yourself be carried away by originality , exploit your imagination and you will achieve a result that will leave everyone with their mouths open. Keep in mind that you do not need a spectacular and meticulous dress to attract attention.
If you are going to choose to buy the disguise online, analyze the market first to see which store you are going to find the one that offers you the best value for money.
Keep in mind that if you do not have much money to spend, neither excessive time nor great capacity for crafts, you can always choose the garments that have been put on sale now by several low cost fashion brands . Specifically, they put at your fingertips not only costumes but also diary items with some nuance appropriate for Halloween.…

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is an exciting time of year for children, and to help ensure they have a safe holiday, here are some tips to make this time safe and fun, and first of all with the best costume.
Security advice
Plan out costumes that are bright and reflective. Make sure that the shoes fit the child and that the costumes are sufficiently short to prevent children from stumbling, becoming entangled, or coming into contact with flames.
Consider adding reflective tape or strips to the costumes and bags to go and ask for gifts, for greater visibility.
Since masks can limit the view or block it, consider using non-toxic makeup and decorative hats as safer alternatives. Hats must be appropriately sized to prevent them from slipping over the eyes.
When purchasing costumes, wigs and accessories, look for and acquire those with a label that clearly indicates that they are flame resistant.
If a sword, cane or stick is part of your child’s costume, make sure it is not sharp or pointed, and that it is not too long. A child can easily get hurt with these accessories if he stumbles.
Get flashlights with new batteries for all children and their companions.
Recommendations for costumes for children
What are you going to disguise your children on
Halloween night
? In a Halloween party, what is involved is to make children imagine being a character that frighten, scare or terrorize others. The costumes of
love children. With a little imagination you can make some costumes for Halloween of the most fearful and original. Follow some ideas
Halloween Mummy Costume
Disguising the children of Egyptian mummy for Halloween night is one of the simplest proposals to make. You can use both a roll of toilet paper and a pack of gauze. You can add some red spots, with pencils or markers, as if they were blood.

Vampire or Dracula costume for children
The vampire and Count Dracula is one of the characters that most attract children to dress up on Halloween night. Enough a white and red clothes with a black cape, in addition to much desire to scare.
halloween vampire costume
Witch costume for girls on Halloween
The witch or sorceress costume is a classic both for Halloween night and for other celebrations. Girls love to dress up and imagine being a witch. In this case, the little witch wears a witch costume mixing the black color with that of the pumpkin.
disguise brija nina halloween
Pirate costume for children on Halloween
Child costume of buccaneer. Says the song about the wooden leg that is a pirate very, very bad. And what better character to disguise the children and make them enjoy as such a party or Halloween night.
pirate costume children halloween
Angel costume for Halloween night
Little girl with a winged angel costume. For the Halloween party, there are girls who also love to dress up as an angel. Everything is a matter of preferences. In addition, it is a simple and very beautiful costume.
disguise nina angel halloween
Ghost costume for children on Halloween
Ghost homemade costume with pumpkin for children. Although children do not believe in ghosts, they love to imagine themselves being them. They will not fly or cross the walls, but they will have fun scaring their little friends on Halloween night. A very simple and economic disguise. An old sheet and two holes for the eyes, nothing more.
ghost costume children halloween
Police costume for children on Halloween
Child dressed as a policeman on Halloween. If there is a character that inspires respect for children, it is the policeman. For a Halloween party, it can become an ideal costume for children who wish to bring order to the scariest night of the year.
halloween costume
Calaveras costume for girls on Halloween
Skull costumes for Halloween. When boys and girls disguise everything goes. It does not matter if it’s a male or female costume. On Halloween night, more and more girls choose costumes that only children were allowed to wear before. That’s the case with skull costumes.
Costume of Skulls for girls on Halloween
Costume of Forensic Doctor for a Children’s Halloween
This disguise as a forensic doctor is one of the most original for the Halloween party of children, since it flees from everything conventional. It is also a very economic disguise. A large white coat is enough, and a plastic skull to carry in your hands.…

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