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Halloween: precautions when buying costumes for children


The Halloween party is approaching and many are ‘squeezing’ their brains to get the most terrifying disguise, whether home or purchased. For those who choose to buy their Halloween costumes, especially for children, the Confederation of Consumers and Users (CECU) has warned of irregularities detected and offers advice to buy a scary but not dangerous for the little ones.

Among the main problems of Halloween children’s costumes include: the absence of labeling or labeling incomplete or incorrect, the presence of easily accessible pricking parts, presence of laces in the neck area of ​​length greater than that allowed in costumes for children, easy Access to the battery compartment button.

To avoid these problems when buying Halloween costumes for children, CECU offers a series of recommendations :

– Costumes: those intended for children under 14 are considered toys, so the labeling must include name and brand of the product, data of identification of the manufacturer, importer or distributor, instructions and warnings of use and CE marking. Costumes for adults must include full labeling and in Spanish according to the norm of textile garments.

– Masks and wigs: in addition to checking that they contain the complete labeling and in Spanish, it is important to verify that the masks have breathing holes that are the right size. Items that are flammable should bear a symbol that warns you.

– Makeup and contact lenses : in the case of make-up it is important to check that the ingredients or components and the instructions for use appear on the label, to avoid possible allergies. As for contact lenses, it is recommended that they be decorative and purchased under the supervision of a qualified professional and verify that they include a complete labeling with instructions for use.

– Accessories: extreme caution should be taken when buying accessories for children. These should not contain sharp parts or small pieces that can be easily detached and swallowed.

According to CECU, It is important to go to establishments of trust, compare prices and keep the ticket to be able to take any claim.

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