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8 tips to avoid bad times on Halloween


The festival of witches, or Halloween, is an annual event of great joy for children and their families. But the necessary measures must also be taken to make this celebration safe.

“Many unfortunate events occur on Halloween. In fact, Halloween spends more than twice as many pedestrian children compared to any other day of the year, reports the Children’s Safety Network. That is why it is important that all families take the necessary precautions before going out to trick or treat, “warns Dr. Milagros Martín, director of the Pediatric Medical Emergencies Program of the Medical Sciences Campus (RCM) of the Universidad de Puerto Rico (UPR).

Precisely, in order to reduce the chances of tragedies, Martin points out that during the festival, parents are advised to talk with their children about the security measures they should follow as a family. In addition, he emphasizes that “it is also important to explain to children and adolescents that they should never enter the home or strangers’ cars, for any reason.”

When choosing a costume, it is recommended that it be comfortable, soft, not too long, with bright colors, shiny materials and comfortable shoes. Flammable costumes, masks that limit vision, irritating makeup, and pointed or sharp objects should also be avoided. 

The expert also explains the importance of inspecting sweets as soon as they arrive at home and before consuming them. Likewise, he recommends throwing away all open sweets or with manipulated labels and not eating sweets made in the homes of strangers. “Should an unexpected event occur or see a suspect, we must notify the Police immediately. In case of poisoning, it is vital to immediately call 1 800 222-1222. And for any emergency, we must contact 911 quickly. It is important to have this information at hand in case of any eventuality, “recommends Dr. Martín, while offering the following recommendations:

-Make sure that your child’s costume is not flammable, that it is your size, does not drag on the floor to prevent falls, and be bright colors.

– If you are going to wear a mask, you should have large holes in your eyes and mouth so that it does not impede visibility or breathing, respectively. 

– Disguise accessories such as swords, knives or other sharp objects should be made of a soft material.

– An adult must accompany children under 12 at all times. Children over 13 years old can go in a group by family areas and with an established time of return.

– Remember to explain to children that they should not enter homes or ride in cars of strangers.

– Take the opportunity to practice pedestrian safety measures together with your child. Among them, stay on the sidewalk, use the pedestrian crossing, look both ways before crossing and avoid running.

– Remember to check the sweets collected by your children before they are swallowed and eliminate all unwrapped or suspicious sweet.

– Apply reflective tape on arms and legs so that the child is visible to drivers.

– Take a flashlight to illuminate the road during the night.

– Call 9-1-1 if an unexpected event or emergency occurs.

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