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6 tips to choose your child’s Halloween costume


We can already say that the countdown has started to celebrate Halloween . In the nursery or school of your child and teachers have told you that they are going to organize a costume party, so they ask you on November 1 to wear dresses for the occasion, following the American tradition.

For that reason, now you are thinking about what to do, specifically, how to disguise and what, but do not finish clarifying ideas.

Well, in that case, keep reading this article. And it is that in the same from BabyAffinity we are going to give you several tips to help you choose the best costume for your little one :

1-Think about the budget

The first thing you should do is to think about the family economy, that is, the money you can invest in buying a suit of that type for your son now. And is that based on that amount you have you can choose to buy an expensive or a cheaper one.

That figure will also determine where you can buy the costumes, a costume store or just a bazaar. And it goes without saying that, in the same way, it will also influence you when it comes to doing it yourself or not.

So, analyze first how much you can spend and then shuffle the different possibilities you have for your little one to go great to your Halloween party.

2-Take into account your tastes
Another aspect that you should take into consideration when choosing the best costume for the child is their tastes. So, if you are old enough, you can talk and ask him which character he would like to wear. This way, maybe you’ll make things easier for them and you will not have to “break your head” thinking how to disguise them and what.

3-Comfort first of all

One of the fundamental factors that you must take into consideration when choosing the Halloween costume is that it is, first of all, very comfortable and offers freedom of movement . And is that if your child is a baby as it is not comfortable will not stop crying and if it is something older you need to have clothes that make you feel “free” to jump, run and play with your friends in the nursery or in the school. Only then can you have fun and spend a great day without asking forty times to remove the suit.

4-Less is more
You might want to surprise everyone with your little one’s styling, but think that to achieve it you do not necessarily have to buy it or make a complex costume. Always keep in mind the maxim of the fashion world: “less is more”. That is, you can bet on a very simple one, achieving the same expected result.

If you do not want to fall into the topics or if you want your child to make a difference with the rest, keep in mind that a good way to do it is to choose an original suit, which does not mean complexity.

So, these days in social networks we have seen parents who have surprised everyone with the costumes of their children, which are that, original, but not expensive or difficult to do. A good example is the adults who have dressed their little one of the terrible and fearsome diabolical doll Chucky.

6-The classics will always be
After shuffling budgets, keep in mind in the comfort of your child and “brainstorming” thinking of being original, you still do not disguise for your child. In that case, do not stress. You can always choose to dress it by resorting to some of the classic characters of every Halloween party:

Ghost . You will only need an old sheet and scissors to make the holes in your eyes and mouth, which you can surround, if you wish, with red or black circles.

Skeleton . A suit that will not require any problem is buying the skeleton. In specialized stores and bazaars you have it for sale for cheap prices, because after all it’s just a black monkey with blank drawings of ribs and other bones.

Vampire . Needless to say that another of the classics of any celebration of this type is that of this character of terror that sucks the blood. To dress your son like that, you only need black pants and a shirt or white shirt and a black cape. The rest will be to paint the face white and create a few red trickles at the corner of the mouth.

Zombie . The costume that will make you invest the least will be this, since you only have to wear an old trouser and shirt that you can break. To make up, white for the face and red for the mouth.

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