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5 Tips for a sustainable Halloween


Do you already know what you are going to disguise on the darkest night of the year? Halloween is just around the corner , but as with every popular party it is difficult to know how to measure yourself and enjoy the party while being sustainable and without spending a lot of money.

Today we put our batteries a few weeks before the party to help you celebrate in the most ‘eco’ and sustainable way possible.What do you say? Do you add to a sustainable halloween?

1. Reuse materials

The creativity to turn an old cube into a decorative element is a gift that many of us lack. Luckily we have internet and hundreds of tutorials ‘do it yourself’ (something like ‘do it yourself’, in English) to give us ideas. From making small ghost lamps with containers of crayons or hanging bats with recycled paper

Also when preparing a terrifying costume it is possible to reuse costumes from previous years and make them new with little effort and with things that we have at home.

2. Do you have a party?

It’s really cool to organize a party sometimes like this.Halloween is another excuse to get together with friends and family and have fun. If your thing is to invite enough people and with a couple of calls, sending invitations is the best option. But how to do it in a sustainable way?

Do not print the invitations on paper, prepare some digital invitations and send them by email, whatsapp, facebook, … by digital means you prefer! On the one hand you will save money, you will save paper and you will be more sustainable with the environment. You can also take advantage of the possibilities of digital formats. You can record a terrifying video, make an animated invitation, etc. The options are varied and more striking than on paper.

3. Lighting, key to a dark night

When we talk about horror movies, terrifying parties or simply to put on a party, lighting is key. In the case of Halloween the penumbra will give a special touch to a dark night. How to get it without investing in new lamps?

If you have those LEDS luminaires that are dimmable or that change color, you can make the most of it at times like these. If your LED bulbs are normal and do not change the intensity or tone of color we will have to look for some ingenious idea.

You can cover the lamps with colored fabrics. Orange pumpkin?White as a ghost? Bloody red? If you also decorate the fabrics and draw motifs of this party (pumpkins, ghosts, skeletons, …) with markers for clothes, you will give a unique touch.

4. The eco-deserving

Or eco-dinner , or eco-piscolabis . It is likely that if you are going to give a party at home for this Halloween, prepare something to eat and drink for attendees. One of the first recommendations to try to be as sustainable as possible is not to use plates, glasses, etc. to use and throw . They are expensive to give them a single use, and finally it is a waste that if we do not recycle it will end up in our environment and it will take centuries to degrade. Bad idea!

You may be a little afraid of betting to put glass cups or good dishes. In any case, it is not what we are saying, because if children go to the party it is very possible that they end up breaking, and again, in the trash. Plates and plastic cups but to use on many occasions is a good choice. And the good thing is that you can customize it for each theme party that you give.

And if it can be, serve your guests local and seasonal productsto be even more sustainable , also when making the purchase.

5. Goodbye, Halloween. Hello, recycling!

How have you been? Scary, that’s for sure! But now it’s time to return to the routine, and what to do with all that decoration? I throw it? Do I keep it?

You can save many decorative elements for other years, but there will be things that you can not reuse. In these cases make sure to separate each material well and recycle it in the right place . And if there is something that you can continue using in your day to day, the better.

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